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Sam LASTA - Naval architect & designer


Graduated from the Nantes School of Architecture in 2006, and after several years of experience in yacht design, Sam Lasta created his own naval architecture and design studio in January 2014, Lasta Yachts Design, whose headquarters is based in Paris, the Champs-Elysées.


Training and professional experience:

- 2004: DPLG architect diploma

- 2006: Naval architect diploma, DPEA Naval Architecture Nantes.

- 2006 - 2014: Naval architect within a naval architecture agency

- 2014: Creation of Lasta Yachts Design

Sam Lasta

Skills and know-how

Naval architecture:

- Hull design.

- Stability calculations

- Hydrostatic and hydrodynamic calculations

- Calculation of the weight report

- Speed predictions with CFD calculations

Interior and exterior layout:

​- Exterior style design.

- Design of interior fittings.

- Research of interior materials.

- Search for interior equipment.

- Creation of photo-realistic images and virtual tours.

Construction plans:

- Modeling of a complete 3D digital model, integrating the structure, systems, fittings, engine room, etc.

- Design of modeling plans for hulls and superstructures.

- Design of manufacturing plans for interior fittings.

Standards and regulations:

- Carrying out the certification study

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